Gray pull-up leather watch strap 20 mm


How to give our wrist a fresh life without buying a new watch? Simply change the existing strap and you’ll see a totally new breath added to your old reliable timepiece. This model with gray toning was created entirely by hand in Jakub Filip Szymaniak workshops. Made from 100% Italian waxed pull-up leather will surely get beautiful patina over time which will only make it more beautiful.

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Gray pull-up leather watch strap 20 mm

Unique watch strap added even to a very popular watch model can totally change its look by adding elegance or when needed, something totally different – a sporty flair. Straps made out of highest quality leathers will gain beautiful look over time by wearing them and we can be sure that two identical looking straps are almost impossible to spot. Handmade “artisanal” process used here to create those beautiful accessories also enriches them in a very unique way.

Presented model has CH24 logo on the inside of the strap.

Szary pasek ze skóry typu pull-up 20 mm
Jakub Filip Szymaniak


Belonging to Jakub Filip Szymaniak workshop is a unique place where bespoke leather accessories are being made on enquiry with highest quality materials using only traditional pursemaking techniques. His love to fine watchmaking, meticulous attention to detail and one of a kind skill to create beautiful things from leather made his workshop a special place on the highest quality leather straps map. Every creation is handmade using only finest leather that will guarantee durability and will age beautifully.


Pull-up leather


Strap width: 20 mm
Punched part: 115 mm
Part with a buckle: 75 mm



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