Lapis lazuli bracelet with silver signet


This bracelet is made out of lapis lazuli stones with silver CH24 emblem finishing. Thanks to durable and very elastic silicone streak it’s very comfortable to put on and off. It fits perfectly all the casual and sport attires and watches.

In the comments to the order (in the basket) specify your preferred size – M, L or XL. By default we send size M.

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Lapis lazuli bracelet with silver signet

It’s no secret that not only women match their timepiece with jewelry. Men are also no strangers to combining their wristgame with stylish bracelets. Those offered in our shop are made with uncompromised quality, sporty elegance and comfortable wearing. Some are also believers of precious stones causative powers while wearing. Lapis lazuli is said to calm down melancholy and depressed mood. It strengthen concentration skills and helps to reach desired goals.

Bransoletka CH24

lapis lazuli and silver 925


Size M:
– single bead diameter: 6mm
– number of beads: 31

Size L:
– single bead diameter: 8mm
– number of beads: 24

Size XL:
– single bead diameter: 8mm
– number of beads: 25


blue, shiny


M – for the wrist 15 – 16 cm
L – for the wrist 17 – 18 cm
XL – for the wrist 19 – 20 cm

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