Notebook Montblanc “le Tourbillon”


The collection “les Grandes Compliactions” consists of four Montblanc notebooks handpainted with names of watchmaking’s Grand Complications, including “le Tourbillon”. The calligraphy was meticulously made by Anna Halarewicz.

Details: tobacco, 15 x 21 cm, 192 pages, lined.

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Notebook Montblanc “les Grandes Complications” – Tourbillon

Driven by passion for everything and all traditional, old and “mechanical”, we proudly present a series of Montblanc notebooks “les Grandes Complications”, created by CH24 and Noble Place. The German brand is true master in the category of writing equipment, offering high-quality writing instruments and accessories since more then 100 years.

Maisterstück and StarWalker are constantly among the most frequently chosen pens, priced for their reliability, functionality and quintessential, no-nonsense design. Similar attention considers Montblanc notebooks, simple yet elegant, made with highest quality paper and finishing touches worthy of most noble works.

Notes Montblanc "le Tourbillon"
Notesy “les Grandes Complications”

Limited series Montblanc notebook “les Grandes Complications”

Handwriting slowly becomes a relict of the past, and although nowadays we write mostly digital, quality notebook and a classic fountain pen are a bit like a mechanical watch – romantic doze of nostalgia to the times, that are missed.

Created in collaboration with Noble Place, “les Grandes Complications” notebooks are available in four original colours: Lucky Orange, Tobacco, Indigo and Purple. Each comes equipped with 192 pages, silver edge and textile, sawed-in bookmark.




15 x 21 cm

Number of pages



Saffiano leather and high-quality paper 85 g/m²

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