Watch Bracelet Pin Remover Bergeon 7230


If we don’t want to visit a watchmaker with any minor adjustment needed for our watch it’s good to have at least a basic watchmaking tools set. This presented device from renowned Swiss brand Bergeon is designed to remove pins from bracelets. Supplied with spacer for use with three thicknesses of bracelets.

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Bergeon & Cie is a prestigious Swiss brand established in 1791. It’s world leader in driving innovation and producing precise tools for watchmaking and jewelry industry. Bergeon constantly improves their product by taking into consideration customer’s feedback, no matter when it comes to small improvements or total re-designing of their tools. Bergeon tools are truly benchmark level when it comes to precise tools for production, adjustments and repairing of watches from any brand.

Narzędzie Bergeon 7230

black plastic with hardened steel pin Ø0.80mm


for watch bracelets up to 22mm wide

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